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AALinQ is an advanced media player app specially designed for in-car use to promote in-car music streaming from Android phones. Large fonts, vivid colors, designed to navigate your music in the car safely!

AALinQ works as standalone phone music player, or with GROM-USB2P, GROM-AND2 or GROM-MST3P adapter kits that are directly wired to your factory car stereo.

Features: Connect, Play, Charge and Control your Android device - all with factory car radio or steering wheel controls. Use it through AUX jack, Bluetooth or GROM car specific hardware.

  • No advertising or spying - enjoy full screen estate
  • Large fonts, bright colors for in car use
  • Browsing available by: Folders, Artists, Albums or Playlists
  • Can make dynamic (on-the-go) playlists from any folder(s)
  • Swipe left right for track change
  • Swipe up/down for extra options
  • Large track seeking bar
  • Auto switch to Playing Now screen
  • Bluetooth controls supported
  • Lock screen controls displayed
  • Non-ASCII charsets supported

For best integration use AALinQ with GROM hardware. Easy to set up:

  • Install GROM-USB2P, GROM-AND2 or GROM-MST3 module into your car
  • Download free AALinQ app from Google Play and install it on your Android mobile device
  • Connect your Android Smartphone or Tablet PC to GROM adapter via USB cable

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